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Varying regulatory requirements, emerging markets and rising construction costs are just some of the challenges residential development enterprises have to overcome. Experienced, forward-thinking talent is essential to meeting those challenges head-on, so you need a search firm with a comprehensive understanding of your industry and an efficient, proven recruiting process to identify and recommend the most qualified real estate professionals for your key roles. You need The Newport Group.

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Residential Development Recruitment


Residential Development Recruitment


• Chief Executive Officer/President
• Chief Operating Officer
• Chief Financial Officer
• Vice President of Human Resources
• Vice President of Purchasing
• Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Residential Development Recruitment


• Entitlements Manager
• Owner’s Representative
• Director of Operations
• Senior Analyst
• Division President

Residential Development Recruitment


• Architectural Engineering Manager
• Construction Manager
• Design Center Manager
• Project Manager
• Superintendent
• Chief Estimator

Residential Development Recruitment

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Our Residential Development Recruitment team will work closely with you to develop a hiring strategy that fits your needs. Using our customizable search program, consider everything that’s important to your success—company mission and vision, position expectations, required skills, and cultural fit. Once identified, candidates are subject to a thorough analysis, both on and off paper; no individuals are recommended unless we’re confident they’ll make an immediate and positive impact on your business. And to ensure we’re always aware of the latest happenings in the industry, our homebuilding recruiters stay active in leading industry associations, including The National Association of Home Builders, The Building Industry Association, and BOMA International, to name a few. The result? Our recruiters have the knowledge, skills and resources needed to successfully place candidates and property managers across the verticals, from commercial development and land development, single and multifamily homes, to senior living complexes and affordable housing.

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Learn more about the roles we’ve helped place for our homebuilding clients, and the customizable, cost-effective homebuilding executive search program that sets us apart from other executive search firms, The SMART Search Process™ by downloading our digital Homebuilding Executive Search Overview. Click the button below or the image to download it now.



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