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    “I’ve worked with The Newport Group since 2003 as both a hiring manager and as someone looking for a new position. They do an incredible job of matching potential candidates with new employers. They have a real insight into opportunities you would never have heard of if you hadn’t been talking to them.”

    Brent Johnson

    “The Newport Group displayed solid knowledge of the industry. They’re very much in touch with both customers and clients. I highly recommend working with them, as they understand the needs of all parties involved.”

    Randy Brown

    “The Newport Group is extremely knowledgeable. Fast and responsive, they jump in and work quickly to understand client needs. They’re very focused on client service and have been a pleasure to work with, without question.”

    David Ball

    “Newport provided me with talent that my company needed perfectly, even a BIM coordinator before BIM was the “in” thing!”

    Michael J Zari

    “I would highly recommend The Newport Group to anyone or company who needs to develop their organization. They will deliver exceptional candidates and will always demonstrate integrity to fulfill your requirements.”

    Rod Uchytil

    “For The Newport Group, it’s all about the professional relationship when forwarding a candidate to a client. They take their time to make the best match happen.”

    David Knollhoff

    “The Newport team has a strong reputation for integrity, professionalism, customer service, and knowledge in the Homebuilding industry. They understand the business and are able to find quality candidates that match the open position.”

    Scott Adams

    We Look Beyond the Paper

    An executive search firm delivering impactful connections for growth industries.

    We have the talent networks, recruiting experience and market insights needed to link growing enterprises with remarkable talent.

    we look beyond the paper the newport group

    Where can we Help You

    Construction Organizations


    Leveraging our extensive knowledge and involvement in the nation’s top construction organizations, we’ve helped hundreds of construction organizations in all disciplines find the professionals they depend on to be successful. See what our Construction Executive Recruiters can do for you.

    Real Estate Enterprises

    Real Estate

    For nearly 30 years of booms and busts real estate enterprises have trusted us to attract, recruit and deliver the right talent to build and manage their companies and assets, no matter the market or role. Visit our Real Estate Executive Search Page.

    Team For Energy Oil And Gas Industries

    Energy, Oil & Gas

    We have a team for virtually every sector in the industry—exploration, oilfield services, mid and downstream, facilities and pipelines construction, even renewables. That comprehensive knowledge and our vast talent network is how our oil and gas executive recruiters deliver your mission-critical talent. Visit our Energy, Oil and Gas Page.

    Environmental Services

    Environmental Services

    Our extensive experience in the Environmental Services sector ensures we deliver highly skilled innovators to facilitate your success and help you improve the communities you serve. See how our Environmental Recruiters can help you.

    Top National Executive Recruiters

    Come see what the best recruiters in the business can do for you!.

    john fitzpatrick president the newport group

    John Fitzpatrick


    As the founder and President of The Newport Group, John Fitzpatrick has successfully developed, managed and led a team of executive search professionals in numerous disciplines. With over 20 years of…

    tom chaparro executive vice president the newport group

    Tom Chaparro

    Executive Vice President
    As Senior Executive Recruiter and Division Manager of our Orange County Office, Mr. Chaparro combines deep, hands-on expertise in a variety of verticals, with an uncanny business insight for the international marketplaces in which his business partners operate…

    The worst thing your company can have…


    Qualified talent is crucial to your growth and success. Unfortunately, the best fit for the job is always in low supply and high demand; to stay competitive, you need an executive search firm that understands the happenings in your industry and dedicates their work to your success. You need The Newport Group.

    no empty chair with the newport group executive search



    Unrivaled Recruiting Expertise

    We’ve developed deeply connected and wide-reaching networks throughout decades in the executive search business, all to help you implement the most effective recruiting strategies for your specific hiring, business and financial goals.

    Market Mastery

    If you don’t know an industry, you can’t recruit in it. Every recruiter on our team is deeply involved in all vertices of the industries we serve. We analyze economic trends, actively monitor “who’s who,” and consistently participate in trade associations, conferences and events.

    Practical Guidance

    We emphasize clear and consistent communication throughout our partnership, addressing the needs of all parties involved during your searches. What’s more, we offer astute negotiation, counter-offer and on-boarding direction if and when needed.

    Unmatched Executive Search Services

    Since 1995, The Newport Group has provided business partners with unmatched executive search services. When you partner with Newport, our knowledgeable recruiting professionals work carefully and closely with you and your organization to develop your best hiring strategies—those that align with culture and company mission and support long-term corporate and financial goals. We are masters of the markets we serve, so we know exactly where to look, who to call and how best to find the right fit for the job.

    Google Reviews

    I worked with Lauren Flynn of the Newport Group to find a new development role. Lauren had contactsbwith many positions not advertised and always had my best interest first. I highly recommend working with the Newport Group and Lauren.

    Darren Corini

    2 Weeks Ago

    Craig is a straight shooter, prompt, and professional. He cares about his clients and understands the importance of mutual fit and culture. He has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and excellent connections with key decision makers. Great all around.

    Matthew Walters

    2 Months Ago

    Lauren from The Newport Group was great to work with. She presented me with quality job opportunities and the process was seamless. Highly recommend!

    Charlotte O Connor

    2 Months Ago

    I have had the opportunity to work with a Craig Collins at the Newport Group. He is extremely responsive, and does the heavy lifting. He is very knowledgeable in my line of work and very helpful. Would definitely recommend working with Craig!

    Leanna Mansour

    2 Months ago

    I have had the opportunity to work with Newport group on 3 occasions 12 years. The experience has been very professionally. The staff is very knowledgeable and understands the need to discretion.

    Keith Estes

    3 Months Ago

    I had the pleasure of working with Lauren Flynn at The Newport Group - who was hands down the best recruiter I have worked with during my career. She found interesting opportunities and offered helpful advice throughout the entire recruiting process. I very much recommend connecting with her and The Newport Group.

    Paul Hogge

    3 Months Ago

    I have worked with John Fitzpatrick on both sides of the hiring process, as a candidate and by working for a company that regularly hires people through The Newport Group. I can tell you that they are professional, confidential, diligent and are true professionals at their craft. I would highly recommend The Newport Group for all your hiring needs!

    Scott Coulombe

    3 Months ago

    I had the opportunity to work with the Newport Group in my current job search. Lauren Flynn was great to work with and I would highly recommend getting in touch with her if looking for a job. She is very responsive, professional, and is a pleasure to work with. Although I was not selected for the position, Lauren continues to keep me informed of future opportunities. I look forward to continue working with her!


    3 Months ago

    Great group of professionals who take the time to really understand their clients. Would highly recommend

    Eric Egelhoff

    3 Months ago

    I was contacted by Newport for a new job opportunity. I was never asked to pay any fees working with them. This firm has been nothing but extremely helpful and professional through my new hire experience ( from setting up the initial interview to filling out new hire employee packet). Job well done!

    Hervacio Mata

    4 Months ago

    I have had the opportunity to work with John Fitzpatrick and Newport Strategic Search since 2003. His amazing team of elite professionals do an incredible job of matching potential candidates with new employers. They also seem to have a real insight on opportunities that are not posted that you never would have heard of if you had not been talking to them. This is because of their extensive network of hiring professionals that they have gotten to know over the years. Whether you are somebody looking for a new position, or, a hiring manager looking to find someone, I would highly recommend that you reach out to Newport Strategic Search for help!

    Brent Johnson

    4 Months ago

    I have had the pleasure to work with Craig Collins from the Newport Group and find he and the firm to be prompt and professional, They have deep connections within the homebuilding, development and construction industries and are very good at what they do.”

    Barbara Guida

    5 Months ago

    I have worked with Craig Collins of the Newport Group. He is fantastic. His firm has deep connections within the homebuilding, development and construction industries and genuinely care about what they do.

    Mckinzie Terrill

    5 Months ago

    I have worked with Craig Collins at the Newport Group and found him very responsive and gets qualified candidates quickly! He is professional and very well connected within homebuilding, construction and development.

    Jodi Matthews

    5 Months ago

    Lauren was great to work with and I would highly recommend getting in touch with her if looking for a job. From day 1 she was very informative and listened closely to what I was looking for in a job. Using her skills and expertise she was able to secure me with a great job that suited me and my experience. Not only that, but during the interview process she was always there to answer any questions I had and offer advice.

    Manpreet Kaur

    5 Months ago

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