Executive search services with one goal…

Unite remarkable opportunity with exceptional talent

For over 20 years, The Newport Group has been providing organizations and individuals access to opportunities that facilitate mutually beneficial and enduring success. That’s our mission, and it’s what we eat, sleep and breath every day. We identify, recruit and place talent in both executive and technical positions throughout our highly specialized practice groups using our proprietary executive search process, customized for the specific needs of each search.

Executive Search Services



Our collaborative national practice groups are home to highly-skilled, dedicated recruiters, and we expertly deliver upon your executive search with speed, discretion and long-lasting, positive results.



We’ve been helping individuals achieve new heights in their careers for over 20 years. We identify the right opportunities based on all factors, on and off paper, and we’re only happy when you’ve reached a new pinnacle of professional success.


Executive Search Done Right

We provide enterprises with practical, efficient and fully customized human capital strategies. We go beyond the norm, becoming your trusted advisors in the executive hiring market, working to help candidates reach new heights in their careers, and client companies achieve enduring success. Ultimately, our executive search services are considered the best by hundreds of organizations around the world because we look at each and every search the same way: an opportunity to exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates.

Why our executive search services are better than rest

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    Highly Specialized and Deeply Connected Talent Networks

    With access to talent sources you won’t find through newspaper ads, alumni associations, applicant databases, or job boards, we target passive professionals – those who aren’t actively looking for new opportunities, but are willing to make a change for the right strategic and cultural fit. Our vast networks are specialized down to the granular level and regularly maintained to ensure our contact information is detailed and always up-to-date, and that our searches are efficient and cost-effective.
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    Hands-on Experience in the Industries we Serve

    Not only do all of our recruiters have extensive executive and technical search expertise, but they also have hands-on experience in the industries for which they recruit. And we don’t just fill open positions, we help you develop your most effective hiring strategies. We work with you to establish the objectives and specifications of your corporate and hiring goals, and to understand the character and culture of your organization. This way we can determine the type of candidates to seek, the opportunity required to attract them, and the best places to look for the right candidate. We’re only happy when we’re confident that you have the key positions on your team and your organization’s lasting success is ensured.
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    Professional Guidance & Clear Communication

    We know hiring can be a lengthy, complex back-and-forth, so we make the process as simple and clear as possible. We act as a buffer and informed intermediary—maintaining open communication throughout our entire engagement—addressing the needs of all parties involved so we’re assured that your new-hire contributes immediate, long-term, significant and positive impacts to your organization.
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