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Gas distribution construction professionals face a multitude of engineering and building challenges. No matter the application—well foundations, rig setting, pipeline welding, and much more—the physical and mental demands of gas and equipment related construction require years of well-rounded experience and hyper-focused technical skills to get jobs done right and ensure assets of all types, from gas distribution and gas transmission facilities to compressor stations and interstate pipelines, are built their best. With numerous years of experience in the industry and the most efficient and powerful recruiting process on the market, The Newport Group’s oil and gas distribution construction recruiter teams know how to make the right connections that will ensure the enduring success of the high-demand gas distribution construction sector.


facilities and pipeline senior management executive search


  • CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • Vice President
  • EVP
  • SVP
  • Regional VP
facilities and pipeline construction management executive search


  • Area Manager
  • General Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Director
  • Regional Manager
  • Manager
facilities and pipeline safety and operations executive search


  • Project Manager
  • Estimator
  • Superintendent
  • General Foreman

We know gas distribution construction

Our gas distribution construction recruiters have worked in and with a diverse sampling of gas construction companies and talent, collaborating closely with all parties during each search to ensure every requirement and goal, both on – and off-paper, are met to a T. On top of our deep and diverse network, we stay active in key industry associations, including INGAA and the gas utilities division of AGC. That market mastery and access to vast networks allow The Newport Group to quickly and confidently identify the best fit for our clients and candidates, and that’s just the start.

Our gas distribution construction recruiter team’s process is tailor-made to support the enduring success of your placement. That, our goal-oriented SMART Search Process, helps us to identify and secure and link qualified, in-market talent with the most germane skills and experience with any enterprise’s opportunity. Be it above or underground, steel, poly, HDD or HDPE material, we understand the unique challenges for gas distribution construction activities and have the networks and know-how to make long lasting, impactful relationships, and ensure oil and gas construction professionals and businesses continue to be successful for years to come.


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