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The U.S.A. needs better broadband infrastructure support and development. Better data, mobile, and WIFI connectivity are increasingly in demand throughout the country. Efficient and smartly done utilities construction is creating a need for a stronger, better, faster telecommunications industry. Moreover, a need to stay ahead of the curve for utility companies has increased as borrowing costs rise and infrastructure investments from Congress are not materializing.

A Rising Demand For A Multi-Location Deployment Capable Workforce

The growing demand for improved broadband service can be felt throughout the country. The backbone of our electric infrastructure from the 1950s is nearing the end of its life cycle.  Additionally, reliability concerns have shown that an estimated 45% of electric distribution assets either currently need or will soon need replacement. From required power line infrastructure to new electric vehicle charging infrastructure, significant investment will also have to be made in complementary infrastructure. To give an example, utility-scale power storage is expected to multiply as distributed generation becomes more prevalent. Alongside both high expectations and new challenges, the increasing demand for a capable workforce has slowed efforts for ideal expansion throughout the industry.

In 2018 the telecommunications industry growth was strong, but many mixed results and new demands are carrying on into this year. Additionally, some parts of the country are lagging as reliable fiber networks engineering and construction is limited. Large, multi-location deployments with various components continue to strain the technical staff. With technology and regulations changing so rapidly, it is becoming difficult to meet increasing utilities construction demands rapidly.

We Have Human Capital Expertise and Network With a Purpose

It is more necessary than ever to find qualified candidates. At the Newport Group, our executive search services span the entire vertical — general contractors, design-build firms, construction management firms, and specialty contractors working in all applications of construction, from commercial and office to hospital and infrastructure. We apply proven strategies to our search efforts.

Our strategy “looks beyond the paper.” As Harvard Business Review suggests going beyond the typical interview, our recruiters find in-market talent through a strategically proven approach that does just that. We discover in-market candidates ensuring qualified and dedicated professionals through constructed  and cultivated networks with expert planning, organization, and precision.

Our job is to keep “a finger on the pulse” for you. Keeping an eye on utilities and telecommunications construction sector happenings and development alongside demographic data allows us to find the in-market, trailblazing candidates. Stay competitive and grow with a team of professionals chosen by experienced human capital experts. We help build enterprises.

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