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The rate of change in the Healthcare Information Tech (IT) industry is hurtling at light speed. The pressure is on to improve products, innovation, and partnership dynamics rapidly — all while exceeding consumer and patient care expectations. Moreover, in an increasingly crowded Healthcare IT marketplace finding the right partners is crucial.

The face of Healthcare IT is primarily being transformed due to new technologies and aggressive investment culture. New emerging and existing technologies — such as AI and data visualization — can now measure treatment outcomes like never before.  Moreover, in the past year, mergers and sales of smaller companies have significantly increased as mid-sized companies attempt to bulk up their portfolios. The overarching goal is to achieve better outcomes for delivering care at lower costs.

New Demand for Experts That Can Drive Development

As companies, expand new opportunities arise for top talent to join their ranks. The pressure is on for Health IT specialists to handle the technical aspects of managing patient health information expertly. At the Newport Group, we find top-level talent that are experts and, more importantly, innovators. Health IT specialists are increasingly required to collaborate with other healthcare teams and drive improved outcomes, lowered costs, as well as new developments in technology. Their work affects the quality of care tremendously.

A Healthcare IT specialist’s work is vital; it drives improvements in patient care and reductions in healthcare costs. The security and privacy of patient data when it is stored and transmitted is a top priority. These professionals must have a strong understanding of information and technology systems, including data storage structures, programming, and communication technologies.

Why Hire The Newport Group?

The Newport Group has extensive experience in identifying, recruiting, and placing these key positions. Our Healthcare IT executive division knows that no other industry has as many moving parts. From data infrastructure and cloud computing to programming languages and mobile development, Healthcare IT is a consistently growing field. The need for accomplished, forward-thinking professionals has never before been so critical to success. Our industry-specific experience and in-depth knowledge base uniquely positions us to identify who the real difference makers are.

The Newport Group Network

We are focused on emerging to middle-market growth companies nationally. The Newport Group’s relationships with startups and corporations are mindfully cultivated. Our extensive network allows us to match your unique talent requirements with exceptional candidates that cannot be found on over-used web resources. The Newport Group’s Healthcare IT division delivers true difference makers. The difference makers we place are the talented individuals who fill the roles of CTO, CRO, CIO, Head of Client Success, VP/Director of IT, VP of Engineering, VP of Marketing, VP of Professional Services, VP of Sales, Director of Information Services and Director of QA.

Companies are looking for highly experienced, top-of-their-game talent, yet are receiving fewer applicants each year. Skills, competencies, and institutional experience are far more important than time spent in a specific role. An extremely experienced niche recruiting firm like The Newport Group is necessary to provide internal mobility to fill positions and build a team that fits with the culture.

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