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Census data shows that most people who took a new job last year weren’t searching for one: Somebody came and got them. Hiring talent remains the number one concern of CEOs and equally, the top concern of the entire executive suite.

However, like a wildfire, the market instability brought on by the coronavirus has swept through commercial real estate development, leaving candidates shaken. Layoffs and furloughs have lent to this trail of uncertainty. Candidates who have jobs are hesitant to leave their current positions even when unsatisfied and unfulfilled. The risk of the unknown is causing them to stay in place.

And yet, across the nation, demand for executive positions remains high. In an increasingly competitive hiring environment and shortage of workers willing to move companies, businesses are turning to national recruiting agencies. Now, qualified talent is found by proven real estate recruiters.

A Candidates’ Market

Hiring varies company to company, sector by sector, and day to day, and the outlook is evolving rapidly. But overall, hiring is progressing. And The Newport Group Recruiters have jobs waiting to be filled.

Construction has been ongoing and continuing to hire, especially for cities that said construction is essential. Furthermore, we have seen a surge in single-family homes construction. In development, recruitment clients are now hiring for critical needs. And for cities that designated property managers as essential workers, hiring is coming back as well.

All this to say, many real estate development companies are increasingly becoming more aggressive in terms of hiring. To weed out unskilled applicants in this candidates’ market, you need an executive search firm with a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry and its future trends.

Now, more than ever, it is rare to find top-level talent on a job board. Our Real Estate Recruiters target professionals who are high-performing for their company. We seek out valued candidates who aren’t actively looking for new opportunities but are willing to make a change for the right strategic fit.

The Newport Group Solution

The Newport Group is a leading executive recruiting firm with expertise in numerous industry verticals. We deploy proprietary data sets and meticulous processes to identify, recruit, place, and help retain blue-chip talent at leading companies nationwide. Turn the challenges ahead into competitive advantages alongside our help. Roles we’ve placed include Corporate Officers, Divisional Presidents/Vice Presidents, Operations, Sales, Finance, and Purchasing-Procurement, to name a few.

Our team of recruiters is active in all sectors of real estate development, including production homebuilding, multifamily, commercial, retail, land, and asset, and property management. Construction verticals include commercial, civil, telecom, gas, power, pipeline, infrastructure, as well as environmental consulting and remediation. Ever strategic in our approach—we present talent that aligns with our clients’ strategic objectives.

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