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We all want to choose the best person possible for the position we are filling, but sometimes we have to look beyond that. You may find that one candidate may stick out during the hiring process as Simone Biles initially did during the Olympics. But looking past that, you may discover that other candidates also have a lot to offer and could be a stronger fit for a particular role you are looking to fill, such as Sunisa Lee, Jade Carey, and Mykayla Skinner all did during the Olympics.

Just as these gymnasts excelled in different areas and earned medals during the Olympics, the second-choice candidates could have talents that fit with a particular company for which you are hiring in the future. When it comes to recruiting, you do not want to write off these individuals immediately. You may realize that they are a better fit for the role you are looking to fill or a position in the future.

Initial Interview Process

As executive recruiters, you must acquire as much information about different prospects as possible to find the best candidate for a job. This means gathering information on your top choices and other candidates applying for the job during the interview process. You may discover that your first-choice candidates choose to go with another company or that the second-choice candidates have talents that make them suitable for other positions. By getting to know them professionally and personally, we can better understand their skills for a company.

Rapport Building

With second-choice candidates, it is vital to have open and honest communication with them. Let them know if they did not get the position but let them down gently to keep the door open for the future. Sharing feedback about why they weren’t fit for particular roles can show your interest in them and that you’re paying attention to their skills and backgrounds. Building rapport early on can help increase the chances that these strong candidates will want to work with you in the future.

Ongoing Communication

If strong applicants aren’t quite suitable for particular roles, but you believe they’d be a better fit for another, you want to maintain a good relationship with them. Send them emails or call them to check-in. See how they are doing and if they are still searching for a job. By doing these, you show that you value and want to work with them in the future.

Additionally, you want to follow up with them as often as possible to show they are still on your radar. Try to be transparent with these candidates about the timeline for when positions become available. You want to show that you value their time and want them to find jobs that fit with their career goals and lifestyles.

Detailed Hiring Discussion

When talking with second-choice candidates about new positions becoming available, make sure to include more than just the salary and benefits details. Inform them about work-at-home opportunities, travel requirements, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, intellectual property rights clauses, and other vital aspects of the new positions.

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