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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – June 25th, 2015 – The Newport Group, a leading enterprise in executive search and consulting, today announced it has officially launched a new, full-featured and mobile-optimized website at The site contains detailed overviews of the company’s executive search services and recruiting program, as well as a wide-range of downloadable resources, including brochures, client case studies and market reports.

“For over 20 years we’ve excelled at bringing companies and professionals together. Our new website will help facilitate that effort in very exciting ways,” said Newport Founder and President, John Fitzpatrick. “We listened to clients and candidates who wanted a more robust online experience, and we recognized the importance of mobile access in today’s job market, with millions of individuals researching and communicating primarily on phones and tablets.” Fitzpatrick continued, “With our new site, visitors benefit from richer online content that’s easier to navigate and share from any device, at any time they need.”

Focusing on modern design elements and a strict adherence to the organization’s updated visual brand, the new site features industry pages with detailed information on how The Newport Group’s services apply to each specific market they serve. Also included are news feeds and social media elements to allow individuals to share content about their respective industries.

“We are tremendously happy with the site and the experience it provides our visitors.” Tom Chaparro, Executive Vice President explained. “The new design, content and structure combine to offer a more accessible and informative look at our brand, and what makes our services stand out from others in the business. It’s just one more example of The Newport Group’s dedication to providing the best possible experience for our business partners.”

The site is currently live at New interactive elements have begun production as part of Phase II of the launch, and are set to go live Fall, 2015.

Read the release on the web by visiting this link.

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