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If there was ever a time for Real Estate developers to turn to technology, it is now. In our COVID-19 era, smart building technology within Real Estate Development can lead the charge of monitoring for virus-free zones.

Although nobody knows exactly what our “new normal” will look like, there are already changing attitudes towards health, wellness, and safety. The emergence of “building wellness” is just around the corner.

“Building wellness” can score and certify physical locations that meet specified health-related requirements. Similar to current popularity and cleanliness ratings for restaurants and hotels, building health certifications can publicly declare that a business is actively protecting our health and wellness. And only technology can make these new certification standards possible.

Smart Buildings Leading The Way

Smart building technology brings value to buildings, making them more attractive to buyers. Altogether, this technology has already provided tools to minimize operational risks, reduce energy use, and increase profitability. Real Estate Development can now better workplaces and communities with an assured sense of “building wellness.”

In a post-COVID-19 world, smart building technology can play a significant role as we focus on keeping buildings “healthy” and people within indoor spaces confident that they are protected from any pathogens.

Moreover, smart building technology can revolutionize the workplace. Since large enterprises with multiple office locations and hundreds or thousands of employees cannot manually monitor each worker, building systems can help provide a safe workspace.

By using smart technology sensors to keep watch on factors such as air quality, space utilization, or even virus detection within ventilation systems, enterprises can be better equipped to transform their buildings into healthier venues for all.

Economic recovery and a return to a normal pace of life will rely on assuring the health of workers. For enterprises, this a huge responsibility and a huge commitment. As the world moves into the next phase of the pandemic, smart buildings will be increasingly integrated into the buildout process and tailored to leading us toward smart, healthy workspaces.

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