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In 2021, we continue to see a climb in PropTech innovation that entices many in the workforce to choose companies that use the latest technology. Real estate executive recruiters are adapting to this change and are finding creative ways to seek the best talent in the field. The current COVID-19 crisis has changed many industries worldwide and is no exception with the real estate terrain. This shift has provided opportunities for major innovation in a magnitude never seen before. PropTech is booming at this period and is not slowing down. Let’s explore what PropTech is all about and why more candidates choose innovative companies rather than traditional ones to thrive in their careers.

What Is PropTech?

PropTech is a collective term that combines the words “property” and “technology.” Solutions brought by the PropTech world have redefined how people buy, rent, manage, sell, and search for real estate. It supports the operations of commercial and residential real estate. PropTech has revolutionized the way customers, investors, brokers, and developers navigate the real estate arena.

PropTech In Real Life

To provide a picture of what PropTech looks like in action, take a real estate management company that oversees 20 office buildings and 10 residential buildings. The company can use PropTech solutions to stay current with essential metrics for safe and efficient operations. PropTech tools can help this property management company keep track of occupancy, electricity consumption, water usage, and temperature controls in real-time. New technology uses artificial intelligence to allow applications to communicate with each other to maximize the efficiency of all systems. Having tools such as all-in-one building management platforms makes it very easy for real estate professionals to focus on providing quality service rather than spending time on inefficient systems.

Below are other examples of PropTech solutions that are helping the real estate industry rise to new levels:

  • Smarter Real Estate Appraising
  • Touchless Asset Control
  • Space Planning
  • Construction Documentation Platforms
  • Tenant-Supportive Solutions
  • Analysis of Multiple Interconnected Assets
  • Technology-Assisted Property Tours

The Future Of Careers In PropTech

Hiring managers are beginning to see a shift in the labor force. As millennials enter the workforce, more candidates seek companies that are driven by PropTech solutions. It opens up many opportunities both for employers and professionals in the real estate and technology labor markets. As consumer expectations change, the real estate industry has to stay on top of its game to provide the best options. Organizations are hiring the best professionals in real estate and IT to fulfill the new needs of consumers and drive their operations forward.

The Best Recruiting Solutions

As we transition into a new world of real estate, hiring managers are finding support from influential recruiting firms. At The Newport Group, we use our expertise as one of the leading executive recruiting firms to identify, recruit, place, and help retain blue-chip talent at leading real estate companies nationwide. Our recruiting team is active in all real estate development sectors, including production homebuilding, multifamily, build-to-rent, commercial, retail, land, asset, property management, and other areas. We use an evidence-based approach to match the best candidates that align with our client’s strategic objectives. We are dedicated to learning about the most recent trends in the construction industry to provide you with the best pool of professionals to fulfill various roles. Call us today for a consultation and see why companies prefer our real estate development recruiters for their staffing needs!

We Network With A Purpose

The Newport Group is a leading executive recruiting firm with expertise in numerous industry verticals. We deploy proprietary data sets and meticulous processes to identify, recruit, place, and help retain blue-chip talent at leading companies nationwide. Turn the challenges ahead into competitive advantages alongside our help. Roles we’ve placed include Senior VP, VP of Operations, Sr. Construction Manager, and Operations Manager Telecom, to name a few. Our team of recruiters is active in all sectors of real estate development, including production homebuilding, multifamily, commercial, retail, land, and asset, and property management. Construction verticals include commercial, civil, telecom, gas, power, pipeline, infrastructure, as well as environmental consulting and remediation. Ever strategic in our approach—we present talent that aligns with our clients’ strategic objectives.

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