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Since 2018, new home sales have moderately slowed. Affordability is the main factor in buying for the new homeowner. Currently, affordable homes and levels of affordability based on demographics are driving the market and being sought out by buyers. We have our “finger on the pulse,” and our real estate and construction clients are able to respond by bringing affordable units to the market as quickly as possible.

Keeping Costs In Line

Rising construction costs, emerging markets, and varying regulatory requirements are just a few of the challenges facing real estate and residential development enterprises. The demand for viable, well-priced land is at an all-time high. These factors have created a talent shortage for accomplished, creative, high-performing professionals capable of turning these challenges into positive growth for a real estate enterprise.

The right talent keeps operations resilient and competitive.

Bringing affordability to buyers means builders have to keep their methodology and costs structures competitive. Building homes with the lowest cost margin — to get the highest return on investment — are the current challenges within the real estate, construction, and residential development markets. For a company to keep growing exponentially in this market, it has become necessary to sustain competitive, resilient operations with top-level talent.

Bypass The Top-level Talent Shortage

To remain competitive, construction and real estate industries have to hire operations-focused individuals who are at the top of their game. As a result of this new demand, a talent shortage in several vital areas has developed in operations, and construction professionals, as well as purchasing, finance, and administration. The top-level executive positions within your real estate and residential development enterprise need to focus on keeping costs in line and increasing the build rate — we know this.

Build Your Company On A Strong Foundation

At The Newport Group, we thrive on a foundation of comprehensive knowledge in the real estate industry verticals that are complementary — our solid foundational layers and relationships are proof of our experience and dedication to this industry.

A good executive search and consulting firm like The Newport Group becomes an extension of your marketing.

A company needs to know itself and what value it offers to the top-level talent. A good executive search and consulting firm is an extension of your marketing department to finesse the vision of your company and its growth. As we mentioned before, we keep our finger on the pulse. Keeping an eye on real estate market happenings and demographic data has allowed our executive search process to find the “who’s who.”

The Newport Group has cumulative knowledge and experience with more than 50 years of hands-on experience. Our company prides itself for our ongoing participation with the most prominent development, building, and investment associations. Our executive search process operates on tacit expertise — we know how to place the right talent at the right time.

Our Process Keeps Your Finger On The Pulse

We have one of the more robust industry reputations in the real estate executive search industry. The Newport Group’s leadership has worked with prominent land developers throughout their careers — from large publicly traded builders to small entrepreneurial companies to specialized construction. Our executives and supporting team have dedicated their careers to the real estate development and builder sectors that they are now recruiting. From construction to real estate — we have a foothold in both markets.

We help you reach new heights with our real estate and home building business focus.

The Newport Group has perfected executive search. Top-level talent is rarely found on a job board. We target those high-performing professionals who are out-performing for their companies. We seek out valued professionals who aren’t actively looking for new opportunities but are willing to make a change for the right strategic fit. We locate the forward-thinking talent needed to continue bringing your company forward. Our processes operate on the expertise and resources required to place candidates across the aforementioned vertical industries successfully.

Our strategy “looks beyond the paper.”

At The Newport Group, our process for finding talent is transparent and clear. We run on a strict policy for quality control at each step taken. Our vast network connections are specialized to the granular level and regularly maintained to ensure our contact information is detailed and accurate. Our company is built on in-depth industry experience that allows us to know your real estate and residential development enterprise thoroughly. We then follow through with a transparent process that leads to finding the right candidates.

We examine it all. At The Newport Group, we get you the right candidate that allows your new business opportunities to be realized. Moreover, your company will be able to meet and exceed your business plan for progressive growth.

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