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Leading-edge developers are exploring new ways to speed up construction. In particular, they are implementing more efficient building processes and embracing the newest technologies. These time-saving efforts are generating multiple payoffs for developers who have attracted the right construction professionals to execute them.

Time-saving efforts are gaining popularity due to the increased construction work this decade has produced. A recent NAHB analysis of Census Bureau data concluded that the average time needed for a multifamily project lengthened by over 30% between 2013 to 2017, from 12 months to an average of 15.7 months.

Slash Your Time To Occupancy

Multifamily construction professionals with smarter ways to increase production are what companies need to lead the charge. Developers at the forefront are using proven building processes that work well alongside all parties involved. From start to finish, problems can be identified before they crop up in the field.

Ensure you have multifamily residential professionals implementing efficient building processes — starting with proficient scheduling for material drop-off and placement. Every possible misstep extends the project and slows progress. Waiting for instructions from a superintendent who, in turn, is awaiting orders wastes time. Across-the-board time-saving efforts can reduce 15% of wasted time of all hours on the job, if not more.

Cut Through The Noise With The Newport Group

Multifamily builders and developers are reporting a substantial need for talent around the country as shortages of labor increase. Construction superintendents and project managers with multifamily experience, including podium, wrap, and garden-style projects, are in high demand.

Progressive leaders in the multifamily industry will need to attract next-generation employees to sustain their competitive advantage. These employees are highly sought after and, therefore, represent the biggest talent shortage in the industry. The Newport Group’s multifamily practice has a long history of encouraging growth and excellence throughout the housing industry while attracting new talent, leaders, and innovators to fulfill our client’s missions and visions.

Cooperation among general contractors, developers, architects, suppliers, and software providers — to name a few — is challenging enough. Being proactive and more efficient requires your senior roles leading the charge for focused, comprehensive teamwork. Still, current obstacles are further magnified by the arrival of new and unfamiliar products. Staying competitive is dependent on accomplished talent with a proven record of turning ideas into tangible, marketable property.

We Find The Trailblazing Talent

Alongside over 50 cumulative years of hands-on experience in homebuilding, land, and commercial development, The Newport Group places all roles in the multi-unit real estate and construction vertical. We find the trailblazing Directors of Operations to Construction Managers to Superintendents with proven multifamily experience and beyond.

You’re dedicated to your practice — that makes two of us. At Newport, we stay involved in the industry, keeping an eye on market activity, demographic data, and “who’s who.” Furthermore, we use a proven, proprietary search process that ensures candidates don’t just fill an open position but contribute to a business’s long-term success.

We manage a hiring strategy that fits your needs. Our customizable search program has the sophistication to consider your company specifically — what success looks like in your industry. Your company mission and vision, position expectations, required skills, and cultural fit is all taken into account. Partner with The Newport Group, we have a demonstrated understanding of both industry happenings and your company’s strategic priorities. Learn more about us here.

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