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The High Demand For Plugging Wells

The EPA estimates that there are as many as 2 million unplugged and abandoned oil and gas wells across the country. Not only are these empty wells eyesores, but they can lead to severe environmental damage, including:

  • Groundwater pollution
  • Soil pollution
  • High methane emissions
  • Carcinogen emissions

Simultaneously, many engineers, managers, and executives in the oil and gas industry are out of work due to decreased demand. The sector has been in a complex situation since the 2009 fracking boom. It is not likely to return to pre-2009 levels of employment due to changing consumer habits and the turn away from fossil fuels unless significant changes are made.

This has led to an increase in oil and gas bankruptcies that is not expected to diminish, and this will, in turn, lead to more abandoned wells causing environmental damage. However, there is an opportunity for midstream experienced managerial and executive positions in this time of crisis. Our midstream recruiters at The Newport Group are actively involved in the industry and can refer the top executives to fit your organization’s goals.

Finding The Right Talent For Midstream Roles

As the federal government turns its focus towards infrastructure and the environment, there’s a golden opportunity for people in midstream positions. Plugging these wells will require federal support on a large scale. According to a Columbia University study, a federal remediation program can create as many as 500,000 jobs nationwide. With over 100,000 unemployed persons in this industry alone, there are plenty of chances for experienced hands to go into managerial and executive positions.

If your company requires midstream talent, The Newport Group is a top executive search firm that can match the best executives to oil and gas companies. This will leave you with more time to focus on the important work of well remediation.

Midstream Roles We Place

Each of our midstream recruiters has significant hands-on experience inside the industry, and we have over three decades of experience as executive recruiters. Our team stays current on all important industry trends, which allows us to know what position needs to be filled at any particular company.

We can help your oil and gas firm fill positions such as:

  • Project Engineers
  • Operations Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Vice Presidents of Operations
  • CEOs

The Newport Group has the trust of oil and gas companies because we know what they need to profitably and adequately function. Our SMART Search Process sets us apart as a top executive search firm, and the talent that it can recruit will set your midstream enterprise apart as well.

We Network With A Purpose

The Newport Group is a leading executive recruiting firm with expertise in numerous industry verticals. We deploy proprietary data sets and meticulous processes to identify, recruit, place, and retain blue-chip talent at leading companies nationwide. Turn the challenges ahead into competitive advantages alongside our help. Roles we’ve placed include Senior VP, VP of Operations, Sr. Construction Manager, and Operations Manager Telecom, to name a few.

Our team of recruiters is active in all sectors of real estate development, including production homebuilding, multifamily, commercial, retail, land, and asset, and property management.

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