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In the modern scene of construction technology, the world is a hugely different place than it was for our previous generations. Nowadays, almost every industry has been transformed by new technological advances, at a faster rate than we’ve ever seen before.

The construction industry is experiencing a fast expansion as more quality professionals choose highly technologically sophisticated companies instead of traditional ones. Hiring managers and HR Directors find it easy to hire experienced professionals from construction executive recruiting agencies like The Newport Group that know the candidate market and find the best people for the job.

The success of your construction organization depends on the skills and experience of dependable professionals. You want to hire only those candidates that demonstrate technical knowledge in their field and push the envelope in their role.

For your business to thrive and grow, you must hire employees that know the ins and outs of the entire building process. Candidates must be familiar with design, procurement, project management, and best safety practices.

What Is ConTech?

As defined by Forbes magazine, ConTech is the technology used to innovate how construction projects are planned, designed, and built. The term also encompasses structures, in addition to the manufacture and installation of their components.

Why Are Candidates Moving To ConTech?

As we see more technological advances in the construction industry, recruiters find that candidates are starting to move towards companies that can offer more technologically advanced opportunities.
Instead of fearing digitalization and automation, many trade professionals embrace the opportunities arising from the technological advances in construction. New technology does displace some employees, but it also certainly creates new positions for employment.

New opportunities for workers in the construction field are available for those who have an excellent grasp of construction principles, effective project management, and construction-related technology.
It is inevitable to see more construction professionals move into roles that require a higher level of technological skills.

How Is Contech Seen In Practice?

To provide a real example of how technology has impacted the construction industry, take, for instance, the requirements set forth by a standard building code that requires the construction of a toilet flange to be 18 inches from the side walls in a commercial restroom. It requires the installation to be performed according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

To create total accuracy for this installation requirement, professionals in the construction technology field made a new position for a computational engineer. As never before, technology allows the construction industry to carry out its tasks with top precision.

What Is Next For Construction Recruiters?

The new demand in construction is not for any particular trade but for tech leaders that understand the emerging technology that allows tradespeople to work more efficiently, faster, and with higher standards.

The Newport Group has a winning team of construction industry recruiters that focuses on fulfilling the new demands ConTech has brought. We engage in unique ways to identify, recruit, and place the best blue-chip talent nationwide.

Our team of construction recruiters knows how to find the best candidates with excellent skills in construction technology and traditional trades. We are dedicated to learning about the most recent trends in the construction industry to provide you with the best candidates.

Work with the best recruiters in the industry. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of the construction industry along with a vast network of talent that will ensure your construction organization continues to grow.

Call us today to consult with one of our construction executive recruiters and find out why The Newport Search is the leader nationwide in construction recruiting!

We Network With A Purpose

The Newport Group is a leading executive recruiting firm with expertise in numerous industry verticals. We deploy proprietary data sets and meticulous processes to identify, recruit, place, and help retain blue-chip talent at leading companies nationwide. Turn the challenges ahead into competitive advantages alongside our help. Roles we’ve placed include Senior VP, VP of Operations, Sr. Construction Manager, and Operations Manager Telecom, to name a few.

Our team of recruiters is active in all sectors of real estate development, including production homebuilding, multifamily, commercial, retail, land, and asset, and property management. Construction verticals include commercial, civil, telecom, gas, power, pipeline, infrastructure, as well as environmental consulting and remediation. Ever strategic in our approach—we present talent that aligns with our client’s strategic objectives.

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