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Video interviewing is now the norm for HR departments as businesses embrace cost-effective and contactless executive search and onboarding. Having the skills to communicate your value, cultural fit, and past successes via Skype/Zoom is crucial. Here are the best ways you can ace your interview:

  • Make a video for practice and it later

Practice answering questions in a video-recorded mock interview and watch it afterward. Identify areas of improvement and work on them- these could be facial expressions, eye contact, fidgeting, or tone.

  • Show off your accomplishments

Treat the video interview like any other high-level executive interview. You must sell yourself. To land the job, you must do your research on the role, the company, and the interviewer. Plan yourself and keep time just like you would for traditional interviews.

  • Keep things formal

Even though video interviews occur at your home with your webcam, they’re as yet formal meetings. Remove distractions from your interview room and turn off email and social media notification on the device you intend to use.

  • Let your light shine

Video interviews are impersonal, but don’t let that keep your personality from showing. In an in-person interview, you would probably take part in casual conversational banter and allow the executive search firm to become acquainted with you personally. Do the same for the video interview.

  • Keep your background neat

Create a perfect, professional image for yourself by ensuring the background is absent of all visual interruptions. Think about bringing down pictures that appear out of place. Furthermore, check the lighting. You need a sufficiently bright room, but the light source should not leave shadows.

  • Dress to impress

Just because you are interviewing at home, don’t do it in shorts or pajamas. The executive search team will see you as unprofessional. Additionally, consider solid colors because stripes and prints cause excessive reflectance on video.

  • Be accurate and factual

Video Interviews, unlike in-person interviews, can be replayed again and again. Be accurate and factual, for all that you say will be analyzed and reanalyzed later.

  • Have a fallback plan for when things go wrong

There could be a loss of connection or power loss during the interview. A loud noise from your street, or a family member could storm into the room- plan on how you will address these interruptions in case they happen.

  • Eyes on the camera

During the interview, it may be tempting to look at the panelists’ faces on the screen. Doing this, however, breaks eye contact with the interviewer, derailing communication.

  • Test the tech prior to the interview

Ensure that your internet connection is stable and that devices are charged and well-connected before you sign in and start the meeting. Video interviews are here to stay, so use these tips to help your next executive-level interview run smoothly.

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