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Recently, a survey of working adults found that 46 percent of employees who work from home are under pressure to be more present. As the premier executive search company, we have concluded that visibility is essential to prove productivity. This adds to the existing feelings of anxiety and mental burnout. At The Newport Group, we would like to share five ways to make your employees feel valued. As an executive search company, we locate top candidates for highly-skilled positions without the common misconceptions of effective recruitment.

  1. Provide Lunch Although the pandemic has made it impossible to take a large group of employees to a restaurant for lunch, takeout or delivery is just as welcome. You can provide a takeout meal to each employee for free.  For your team that is deployed to work from home, a delivery meal is a kind gesture.  It acts as a thank you and offers support during trying times.
  2. Send Thank You Notes Technology has eliminated most handwritten notes. However, many employees still value the thought. Electronic thank you cards are an easy way to tell your team you are grateful for them and all they contribute to the company. Giving thanks is also an energy-boosting gesture that lifts the receiver as well as the givers mood and optimism throughout the day.
  3. Shout-outs Some businesses have a high number of employees, which makes it impossible to reach out to each individual. The administration team can create a digital newsletter that includes a company shout-out. Managers directly thank and acknowledge employees for top services. Individual workers are touted as well. This fosters a culture of positive recognition.
  4. Create a “Hero” Award As an executive search company, we locate top candidates for highly-skilled positions. You can recognize your highly-skilled employees by creating a “Hero” award. Individuals who work onsite during the pandemic are eligible. This lifts morale and offers a huge “thank you” to frontline workers.
  5. Provide Ways to Unwind Everyone has been a little inconvenienced and stressed by recent world events. Providing an outlet to unwind releases some of the extra pressures. It is possible to give employees a bottle of wine, a gift certificate, or even a subscription to a streaming service. This will provide entertainment at home for your employee and their families.

We at The Newport Group understand the hiring outlook and disruptions that COVID-19 and similar events have caused. Employers should find ways to reward the excellence of their employees for helping offset the stresses that build during these times. The above ideas are just a few ways to show employees that they are valued.

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