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A new world of work is rapidly approaching — and artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and machine learning are playing crucial parts. AI and automation are re-shaping traditional roles. AI is creating more jobs, and automation is helping to remove tedious, manual tasks.

In 2020 and beyond, innate soft skills will give people a competitive edge over AI and machine learning. Hard skills are continually becoming more susceptible to automation. Soft skills are inherently human skills like communication, relationship building, and empathy — skills that machines have not yet mastered.

Artificial Intelligence Is Leading The Market

Technology in the construction and real estate sector is on the move. Both smart home devices for residential settings and proptech, which are real estate startups, are bringing new ideas to the larger real estate business. The proliferation of iBuyers, new means to analyze and act on property data, and new tools to digitize the home selling process are becoming commonplace. Additionally, construction project management software is getting increasingly more advanced and easy to integrate on the job site.

Construction companies are creating win-win situations by building for both economic and environmental efficiency. The market size of environmental consulting in the U.S. has grown 0.5% per year on average between 2015 and 2020, and is expected to increase by 0.9% this year. One of the big areas of renewed attention is the multifamily sector. New products are being developed to provide amenity-laden services for residents, such as digital concierges and package delivery. These new emerging trends are simultaneously focusing on longevity and sustainability.

A report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2020 found significant job gains in professional and technical (+31,000), health care (+45,000), transportation and warehousing (+16,000), construction (+24,000), leisure and hospitality (+45,000), and financial services (+13,000). Healthcare IT and related industry jobs are expected to account for 18 of the 30 top fastest-growing jobs.

As companies prepare for the future, it will be critical to be proactive in recruiting. The high demand for IT and renewable energy talent is creating a shortage of in-demand roles. Moreover, the increased use of mobile, connected devices and cybersecurity are fueling even more demand for IT positions. Software developers (25.6%), information security analysts (31.6 %), solar panel installers (63.3%), wind turbine technicians (56.9%), among other related professions, are all growing exponentially.

Soft Skills Are The Future

Nowadays, candidates and clients involved in a recruiting process expect a consumer-level tech experience. Recruiters play a key role in delivering a great hiring experience by providing crucial information and feedback to both candidates and clients throughout the entire hiring process.

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